Personal Tax Returns

The deadline for most Canadians to file their personal income tax and benefit return for the previous year taxes is April 30. We are continuously working to improve and adapt our services to meet your tax-filing needs and to provide options for a seamless experience when working with interacting with us.

We believe in a tax approach that enables you to take a more proactive approach when it comes to your taxes, so we can help you keep more money in your pockets.

We are always on top of new developments in personal income tax laws. So, we will ensure that you will benefit from personal income tax planning strategies to take advantage of all possible deductions and exemptions.

We know that everyone has a unique tax-filing situation. As such, we’d like to share tailored information that can help you file your income tax and maximize your benefit return.  Let us help you with your personal Income Tax Return filing.

We specialize in:
  • Personal income tax return
  • Property rental income
  • Investment income
  • Family tax return
  • Senior & student return
  • Tax reviews and adjustments
  • Tax audits with Canada Revenue Agency
  • Tax filing for back years
  • Tax minimization strategies
  • Self-employed

Tax Return Due

  • Personal tax  : April 30
  • Self-employed individuals : June 15
Please bring supporting documentation if applicable:
  • Last year’s Notice of Assessment (reassessment if applicable)
  • Personal information: SIN, DOB, mailing address, marital status
  • Tax slips: T4, T4A, T4P, T3, T5
  • RRSP & Mutual Fund Receipts
  • Home Buyers Plan
  • Rental expenses or property tax paid in Ontario
  • Medical expenses: prescriptions, optical, dental, private group health insurance
  • Donation receipts
  • Child Care Receipts/ Support Payments
  • Annual fees/Membership Fees
  • Interest on student loans
  • Dependant and child care expenses
  • Social assistance, Old Age Security, CPP and other pensions
  • Students: T2202A (Canada) or TL11 (School outside of Canada)
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