Payroll Services

Businesses usually faces number of challenges when it comes to payroll management since the businesses have to manages employee turnover, vacations, administering benefits, keeping deductions and following payroll regulations.

Payroll can be rather complex and time consuming. It impact your business in many ways, it can affect your cash flow, productivity, and your business growth. Let us administer your business – we will use the best techniques to administer your business payroll.

We provide the following as part of the Payroll Services
  • Employee Wage
  • Vacation and Time off
  • Retirement Contribution
  • HST/GST Deduction
  • WSIB Premiums
  • CPP, EI and other Income and Deduction
  • Compensation Reporting
  • Year-end Tax Forms – T4 & T4A
WSIB for Employers

As part our accounting services, we offer help with WSIB – Our experts have the knowledge to help your business avoid fines and stay compliant.  The WSIB is funded by tax deductible premiums paid by businesses and it offers peace of mind through financial security and protection from costly lawsuits.  Almost every business in Ontario must register with the WSIB.

Our advisors are always ready to answer any questions you may have about the WSIB. We are here to help set up your business for success.

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