Business Registration

We will register your business on behalf of you so that your business can be legitimate in Canada. The business registration process takes time, effort and paperwork. We offer the registration process in great Toronto area to streamline this timely process for your business so that you can focus on your daily operation of your business.

By registering your business, you would be able to file and apply for taxes, permits, and much more. We register your business with Government of Ontario (Provincial) or Government of Canada (Federal) or both. We will help you with any update business information including corporation shares, business address, directors or even business name change.

Types of Business

The types of entities for starting a business in Canada are:

  • Sole Proprietorships – require one member who conducts the business in his or her name
  • Partnerships – require a minimum of two founding members
  • Corporation – require at least one shareholder and a director
  • Co-operatives – can be established as for-profit or non-profit reasons and can have a large number of shareholders
Process of Setting up a business

1. Select your business type

The first step is to select the business type.  Canada offers a wide array of choices, but the corporation is the most popular type.

2. Reserve your business name

The business name reservation is the next step in setting us a business name. Alternatively, you can decided for a business number which is assigned automatically during registration.

3. Select your registration type

Business registration can be rather complicated at a federal or provincial level. All required documents must be prepared based on the business type chosen.

4. Prepare documents and filing

All documents to be filed for business incorporation are the Article of Association for a corporation.  For the other entities, forms issued by the Trade Register to be filed.

5. Opening business bank account

Once the business has been registered, you can proceed to open a business bank account. We will assist you opening the account with a Canadian bank.

6. Tax registration and licensing

As the last step in setting up the business, need go register for taxation and GST with CRA. Then the business must obtain licences with numerous agencies based on the business needs.

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