Corporate Tax Returns

Our corporate income tax return service will ensure that your corporation income tax returns are filed accurately and efficiently on time. Like personal tax preparation, we always look for opportunities and strategies to minimize your corporate income tax liability by taking advantage of new and existing corporate income tax laws. We are here to help you to maximize your profitability and help your business prosper.

We specialize in:
  • Self-employed, sole-proprietorship, partnership – T1 income tax return
  • Corporate – T2 income tax returns
  • HST and WSIB Filing
  • Assist with CRA audits & reviews
  • Regulatory and compliance filing
Please bring supporting documentation for the following areas if applicable

New Clients

  • Your Corporation’s Incorporation records (Articles of Incorporation, Business Number, GST/HST Registration Number, Ontario Number for all Corporations registered after December 1, 2021 etc.)
  • Contact person’s First Name, Last Name, Mobile, Email ID.

Existing Clients

  • Your Corporation’s last Remittance Records.
  • Income (All Sales Invoices, Cash Register Tapes, Receipts, Contracts)
  • Expenses (Purchases, Goods and Services received, All Expenses)
  • Property Records (Purchase of Any Assets and Liabilities)
  • Bank Statements- For a whole year based on your tax month (i.e. Jan to Dec or your tax start month to end month based on your Incorporation Papers)
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